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We have also included the sites for you to check existing prices  below under  Properties. Input those prices here for an accurate evaluation of the costs you are looking at. If it looks too complicated , contact our consultants and they will assist you with whatever  data you may need.

Financial calculation is an important step that no one should miss.

If you looking to buying or  selling  a property , the following questions are the ones that you have to field. Getting answers for this will allow the buyer or seller or the banker and lawyer and including your agent to have a clearer picture. However, if you feel the information is to be confidential , you can complete the list and hold the data at hand for negotiations. Either way , it’s always best to compute the figures involved.


Singapore's House Prices grew 1.0 % YoY in Jun 2019, following an increase of 3.1 % YoY in the previous quarter. Though  this may seem that the market is picking up, it is just a response to the world economic situation and the stability Singapore is offering foreigners.

Majority of the buys have been from high end foreigners looking to settle in Singapore or investing in Singapore for the long run.

It is not expected to return to the heyday boom of the property market a decade ago.

If you are looking to confirm private residential sales transactions, you can do so at the URA site -

and if you want to find out the prices of units sold by developers  then visit

HDB prices have decreased by 2%.

Check out also the HDB transacted price at 

These are accurate and put for the citizen’s use. Rather than trusting someone’s hearsay , you can have the information you need at your finger tips. Our consultants will able to point you on how to use it effectively , so that you can make the correct comparisons and valuations , even before you visit the unit.

Making such a purchase is an important milestone and you would want to make an informed decision. Use our financial calculation page to look through what data you would need to make that choice. Then talk to our consultants for a clearer picture.


The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Singapore dropped from 4.6 in Oct’17 to 0.1 in Apr’19. The data reached an all-time high of 18.6 % in Jun 2010 and a record low of -7.7 % in Mar 2009.

 Detailed figures are at          courtesy of ceic.

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